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Maddy Zink Signs with Calvary

Calvary University Volleyball is excited to announce our newest signee for the 2020-2021 season. Maddy Zink of Shawnee, KS played high school volleyball at Shawnee Mission Christian School where she was coached by Marlena ZinkThere she won all-conference recognition as well as MVP honors. Maddy is an OH/DSCoach Johnson points out, “I first met Maddy at our Calvary Days event. On the first evening of the event I noticed Maddy’s superior skills during our not so simple, black light volleyball. Maddy has a kind heart and I sincerely look forward to working with her in the coming years.” Maddy plans to pursue a business degree at Calvary and hopes to one day own her own business as the Lord leads and provides.  

Maddy shared the following about her relationship with Jesus, “I came to know Jesus when I was 5 years old. I grew up in a Christian home, but I didn’t fully understand what it was to be a Christian until my mom confronted me for misbehaving. We then had a nice sit-down talk and she prayed with me. I then understood what it meant to be a Christian and I accepted Jesus as my Savior and ever since I’ve felt like a new person and have been working on my walk with God.” 

Maddy’s hobbies are not limited to athletics as she enjoys art and singing as well. She won a local art competition in the printmaking category and has sung in a choir since 7th grade. 

Maddy comes to us from Olivet Baptist Church in Westwood, KS. We celebrate this signing together with Maddy and her parents Marlena and Bart Zink.  Please join us in August as we welcome Maddy Zink to Calvary University Volleyball!