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Strong Win against Randall University

The Warriors fought hard against Randall University clutching the win in the 5th set to improve the record to 2-0 on the season. “In the 5th set, I don’t feel like it was one individual player that caused our success,” Warrior Head Coach Jojo Wilkes said. “Everyone was contributing and scoring. It was truly a team win, it wasn’t one person making all the points. Nora had some big moments in the game which brought energy and fire to the team.” This was a match where Calvary was down 1-2 in the first three sets. Calvary battled point for point, with the focus being on keeping Randall’s scoring runs to under three points. In the 4th set both teams were tied up at 16. Coach Jojo challenged her players telling them it was a nine point game. This gave the players the tenacity and fire they needed to win in the 4th set. All the players showed fight and resiliency as they battled for every point in the 5th set, giving the Calvary Warriors the victory. Brooke Behlen led the Calvary Warriors in aces with five. Jillian Nipple turned in a remarkable performance with 40 assists. Herr teammates Leah Grady, Elle Davis and Kenleigh Elder were all on the leader board for kills.

Set 1: 25-21

Set 2: 24-26

Set 3: 19-25

Set 4: 25-21

Set 5: 15-10