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Warriors Continue to Grow in Texas

FARMERS, BRANCH TEXAS – The Warrior’s Volleyball team is on the rise after a good day going up against Dallas Christian and USAO even though they were outscored in each match. The team improved in their serving skills as they continued to force out of system passes. Dallas Christian was talented in moving the ball around t different holes on the court.  Calvary improved defensively as the match went on as they were more prepared to be ready for anything. USAO posed more of a challenge because of their size and how high they contacted the ball. The Warriors still did their best to get high and to defend a tall front line. Considering that these two teams were the strongest opponents the Warriors have faced so far this year, they really played to the best of their abilities. “Hannah and Leah were standouts in this game and we really played above the level of these two teams in different situations,” said Coach Johnson. In the first match, DCC won in three straight sets with scores of 13-25, 18-25, and 17-25. In the second match, USAO won in three straight sets as well with scores of 14-25, 16-25, and 15-25.

 Next Time Out ● The Warriors will play against Union College in Lincoln Nebraska on September 1.