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Warriors fall short to BBC

The Warriors came up short against Baptist Bible College, losing 0-3. In the post-game interview, Coach Jojo stated, “Overall as a team, we were inwardly focused. When we made errors, the girls would shut down rather than responding with resiliency. Our team struggled to bounce back, and the errors piled up causing the team to fall short of a win in any of the three sets.”  Coach Jojo also focused on some positives from the game, “As a team, we’ve been working to minimize service errors. In the 3rd set, we didn’t miss any. Kenleigh had a good game, leading the team with 9 kills. Jill did a great job getting to the ball, and running the offense when the passing wasn’t up to its normal standard.” Coach Jojo added, “We came up short from lack of confidence and resilience.” Calvary Warriors look to grow from this defeat as they prepare for a full weekend in Minnesota.

Set 1: 14-25

Set 2: 20-25

Set 3: 18-25

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