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Warriors Sweep Barclay at Home

The Calvary Warriors competed against the Barclay Bears, Friday, September 29th. “Even though we got the win, we struggled,” Warrior Head Coach Jojo Wilkes said. “We made a lot of unforced errors, and this allowed Barclay to stay in the match. It was hard to gain momentum because of errors, but the girls fought hard and stepped up in different ways. Lindsay Atcheson had some kills which helped bring momentum back to the team. Haley Arneson led the team with 10 kills which also allowed us to push forward and obtain the win. As we look forward to next week, I’m hoping to focus on our offense finding more ways to score.”

The Calvary Warriors travel to Ozark Christian College on October 3rd, for a 6:00 PM game.

Calvary University vs. Barclay College

Set 1: 25-19

Set 2: 25-21

Set 3: 25-20